07 - 09 Feb 2018


Open conference
on Artificial Intelligence
OpenTalks.AI conference - independent place for all AI stakeholders, where leading scientists will meet entrepreneurs, developers will meet customers, startups will meet investors. Tell community about you and your work, network, find your partners, customers and partners.

OpenTalks.AI is a place for presentation of leading R&D and AI solutions from Russia and abroad and discuss AI phenomenon from all sides – science, business, ethics, legal and philosophy.

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60 speakers
We are gathering the most interesting speakers on AI
Introduction day and
3 full conference days
700 participants
We expect many participants from different areas of AI all over the world
We invite to the conference
Scientists and developers
OpenTalks.AI – is a great opportunity to tell science and business community about your research, find collaborators or customers.
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Humanities and social sciences
OpenTalks.AI – is a great opportunity to tell your opinion about AI phenomenon and issues, it's influence to technology and society, discuss topics of ethics and philosophy.
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Companies with AI products
OpenTalks.AI – is a great opportunity to tell target audience about your products and services, find potential partners and customers.
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Companies interested in
AI technologies
OpenTalks.AI – is a great opportunity to observe a great field of AI research and development in 3 days and find desired product, service or solution.
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OpenTalks.AI – is a great opportunity to make presentation of your company in front of investors into AI and find investments.
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OpenTalks.AI is a great opportunity if you are looking for perspective startups to invest!
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OpenTalks.AI – is unique opportunity to position your company in the rapidly growing field of AI, improve your visibility and recognizability.
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This are some of our distinguished speakers
Ruslan Salakhutdinov
Professor at Carnegie Mellon University,
Director of AI Research at Apple.
David Yang
Founder and director of the board of ABBYY, Ph.D. in Mathematics, and Laureate of Russian Government Award in Science and Technology.
Dmitry Vetrov
Higher School of Economics
PhD, head of the research group of Bayesian methods, head of the department of large data and information retrieval of the Computer Science Department of the Higher School of Economics.
Vorontsov Konstantin
MIPT, Computational center of RAS
PhD, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Engine Intelligence of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Head of the Department of Intelligent Systems of the Institute of Physics and Technology of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Mikhail Burtsev
PhD, MIPT; iPavlov.ai
Victor Lempitsky
Associate professor at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, worked as a researcher in various locations including Yandex, the University of Oxford, and at Microsoft Research Cambridge.
Evgeny Burnaev
Associate Professor, PhD, head of Advanced Data Analytics in Science and Engineering, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Chertok Andrey
PhD, head of the research department at Sberbank, junior research associate, VMK MSU. M.V. Lomonosov
Andrey Ustyuzhanin
PhD, head of collaboration projects of Yandex and CERN. Participate in development of services EventIndex and EventFilter, which Yandex provides for experiments LHCb. Head of Laboratory of Methods for Big Data Analysis in HSE. Graduated MIPT in 2000.
Vadim Strijov
Computational center of RAS
Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences at the FRCCSC of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Professor at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology,
Editor in chief of the "Journal of Machine Learning and Data Analysis".
Konstantin Anokhin
MSU, SRC "Kurchatov Institute"
Neurophysiologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Deputy Director of the Kurchatov Complex of NBICS Technologies, SRC "Kurchatov Institute"; Director of the Center for Neuroscience and Cognitive Sciences of the Moscow State University
Serge Terekhov
PhD 1992, MEPHI 1986, 25+ years in applied neuroinformatics. Council member of Russian Neural Networks Society.
Sergey Shumsky
PhD, MEPhI; Senior Researcher, FIAN; Author of 70 scientific publications; Specialist in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence; NeuroNet NeuroAssistant leader;
Vice President, Russian Neural Networks Society.
Olga Uskova
Cognitive Technologies
President of the group of companies Cognitive Technologies
Dimitrov Ilia
Executive Director of the Association of Electronic Trading Platforms (AETP), Director for Investment Development of CJSC Analytical Center, member of the Presidium of Small and Medium Enterprises OPORA RUSSIA, public ombudsman for electronic commerce and provision of state and municipal services in electronic form
Dmitry Fadin
Member of the Strategy Committee in Invitro, Director of Development of 3D Bioprinting Solutions
Galitsky Alexander
Almaz Capital Partners
Inventor, founder and president of ELVIS-PLUS, founder and managing partner of Almaz Capital Partners, a venture capitalist, a business angel. The founder of the business incubator Runa Park, which includes the seed investment fund Runa Capital, the investor and consultant Ezwim, Acronis, Start Telecom, NavMaps, PGP Inc., member of the Academy of information, ISDEF, member of the Administrative Council of the Russian Direct and Venture Investment Association (RVCA).
Dmitry Chikhachev
Runa Capital
Managing Partner of Runa Capital
Evgeny Kuznetsov
Singularity University in Russia, RVC
Director of RVC subsidiary funds, ambassador of Singularity University in Russia
Vladimir Vasilyev
ITMO University
Russian scientist, researcher, professor and rector at ITMO University. Head of the Council of Rectors of St. Petersburg Universities, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Igor Agamirzian
Higher School of Economics
Vice-President of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, leading expert in the field of computer and information technology, venture investment and innovation and technology entrepreneurship.
Alexander Kuleshov
Russian mathematician, doctor of technical Sciences, specialist in the field of information technology and mathematical modeling. Academician of RAS, rector of the SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology.
Olga Afanasjeva
Chief Operating Officer, GoodAI
Roman Styatyugin
Mail.Ru Group
Business development director, Predictive Analytic Solutions, Mail.Ru Group
Svetlana Mironyuk
Head of Marketing and Business Development
Ivanov Alexey
HSE, Skolkovo
Head of the Institute of Law and Development of the Higher School of Economics - Skolkovo
Esther Dyson
Hiccup, Member of the Board of Directors of Yandex
Entrepreneur, investor, writer and publicist, philanthropist and public figure. Member of the Board of Directors of Yandex. Founder of Hiccup. Chairman of the Board of Directors of EDventure Holdings
Preliminary program OpenTalks.AI
31 Jan - 2 Feb 2018
Conference opening
AI science frontier

Section talks
Section talks
Trends in AI developing
Coffee and networking
AI in business today
Section talks and panels
Startup pitches
Game changers – что будет послезавтра?
Coffee and networking
Ethics and legal
AI – evolution or revolution?
Section talks and panels

Section talks and panels
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Closing and party
Conference program
Preliminary version from 10.11.2017
Ruslan Salakhutdinov, Apple, Director on AI research
Victor Lempitsky (Skoltech), other speakers to be announced later
Konstantin Vorontsov (MIPT), Mikhail Burtsev (MIPT), Sergey Shumsky (IQman)
Konstantin Anokhin (Neurophysiologist, M.D., PhD., D.Sci, Corr. memb. of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
Andrey Ustyuzhanin (Yandex), Dmitry Vetrov (HSE), other speakers to be announced later
Vadim Strijov, other speakers to be announced later
Serge Terekhov (Svyaznoy), other speakers to be announced later
Andrey Chertok (Sberbank), other speakers to be announced later
Alexander Galitsky (Almaz Capital), Dmitry Chikhachev (Runa Capital), other speakers to be announced later
Ethics and legal
Vladimir Vasilyev (rector of ITMO University), Alexander Kuleshov (rector of the SkolTech university)
Konstantin Anokhin (Neurophysiologist, M.D., PhD., D.Sci, Corr. memb. of the Russian Academy of Sciences),

Tatyana Chernigovskaya, Russian scientist in the field of neuroscience, psycholinguistics and theory of mind, a Honored Worker of Science
Before and after the conference
On 06.02.2018 we arrange schools and workshops on different AI technologies.
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Welcome party
On 06.02.2018 the night before conference a welcome party with networking will take place
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DeepHack hakaton will take place on 29.01-04.02.2018 before conference and we will announce results on OpenTalks.AI
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Conference venue

Mail.Ru office

Business Center "SkyLight"
Leningradsky prospect 39, p. 79

From metro "Airport":
By buses:
105, 412, 456, m1, H1
By trolleybuses:
12, 43, 6, 65, 70, 82

Registration to the conference
$335 — price till December,15

Full price is $500
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