07 - 09 Feb 2018

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Open conference
on Artificial Intelligence
About conference
There is a growing wave of worldwide R&D in artificial intelligence (AI), which dramatically changes technologies, economy and society. This wave is forming by all us - scientists and engineers, entrepreneurs and managers, huge corporations and small startups,
invest funds and government agencies.

We sometimes speak different languages, we can have different goals and interests. But we all want to move further, see more, understand where others are going and forsee, what is next. This are the reasons we make OpenTalks.AI, to gather all stakeholders at one place, where scientists will meet to entrepreneurs, developers with customers, startups with investors. Tell about yourself and your work, build your network, find partners, customers or investors.

OpenTalks.AI conference is a place for presentations of best solutions in AI from Russia and abroad and discussing AI phenomenon from different aspects – science, business, ethics, philosophy and legal.
OpenTalks.AI - independent English-speaking conference in Russia,
accelerating integration of Russian science and business
into international community of Artificial intelligence.
60 speakers
We are gathering the most interesting speakers on AI
Introduction day and
3 full conference days
700 participants
We expect many participants from different areas of AI all over the world
Why "open" conference?
We announce open call for papers and proposals. Best talks and panels will be selected by Program committee and the program will be formed from this talks and invited speakers.

You can propose your talk or session here:

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Program Committee
Conference Program committee includes leading specialists in each field. We bring together scientists and visionaries from different fields, to have an opportunity to look at AI phenomenon from all sides.

Konstantin Anokhin
Neurophysiologist, M.D., PhD., D.Sci, Corr. memb. of the Russian Academy of Sciences, National Research Center "Kurchatov Institute"; Center for Neural and Cognitive Sciences of the Moscow State University.
Igor Agamirzian
Vice-President of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, leading expert in the field of computer and information technology, venture investment and innovation and technology entrepreneurship.
Alexander Kaplan
D. Sc., PhD, Psychophysiologist; Professor of the Department of Human and Animal Physiology, MSU; Head of the Laboratory for Neurophysiology and Neuro-Computer Interfaces, Faculty of Biology, MSU.
Mikhail Burtsev
PhD, MIPT; iPavlov.ai
Sergey Shumsky
PhD, MEPhI; Senior Researcher, FIAN; Author of 70 scientific publications; Specialist in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence; NeuroNet NeuroAssistant leader;
Vice President, Russian Neural Networks Society.
Alexander Kuleshov
Russian mathematician, doctor of technical Sciences, specialist in the field of information technology and mathematical modeling. Academician of RAS, rector of the SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology.
We invite to the conference
Scientists and developers
OpenTalks.AI – is a great opportunity to tell science and business community about your research, find collaborators or customers.
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Humanities and social sciences
OpenTalks.AI – is a great opportunity to tell your opinion about AI phenomenon and issues, it's influence to technology and society, discuss topics of ethics and philosophy.
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Companies with AI products
OpenTalks.AI – is a great opportunity to tell target audience about your products and services, find potential partners and customers.
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Companies interested in
AI technologies
OpenTalks.AI – is a great opportunity to observe a great field of AI research and development in 3 days and find desired product, service or solution.
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OpenTalks.AI – is a great opportunity to make presentation of your company in front of investors into AI and find investments.
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OpenTalks.AI is a great opportunity if you are looking for perspective startups to invest!
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OpenTalks.AI – is unique opportunity to position your company in the rapidly growing field of AI, improve your visibility and recognizability.
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Conference languages

Official languages of Open conference OpenTalks.AI - English and Russian, because all frontier science takes place in international cooperation. All science and business talks we accept in English. Panel sessions will take place in language of session key speakers. Talks and sessions to the "Ethics and legal" day we accept in native speaker language.
Conference is organized by IP Laboratories. OpenTalks.AI is an independent conference, nor govermental neither any large corporation. We think it is important to create independent platform, comfortable to every participant, despite of his size or importance. Therefore, we will be grateful to all sponsors, who will appreciate and support this platform.
Igor Pivovarov
Head of Org committee of OpenTalks.AI [email protected]
Natalia Guteneva
Speeches and reports questions
[email protected]
Ilya Severov
Org questions
[email protected]
Elena Chinarina
Interaction with media partners
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